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 Terms and Conditions

By becoming a Member, you agree to the terms of this subscription. These terms and conditions may be changed at the discretion of the administrators of this site. It is up to each individual to refer to this page for any amendments.



Your membership entitles you to only those videos which have not yet expired on the site.  Most videos expire after 2 to 4 months.

Those videos which have expired at the time of your signup will not be available for you to view as part of your signup.

Expired videos have to be purchased separately from your subscription membership.

To find out which videos are expired, go here:  https://www.latinoguys.com/indexmike.html or simply EMAIL US and ask.


  • All video and membership sales, renewals and purchases ARE FINAL.  DO NOT sign up to this site or purchase ANYTHING on this site until you are certain that you wish to do so. Send us an email with any and all questions that you have about this site BEFORE signing up or purchasing anything. Our email address is svideo2000@earthlink.net   
  • Having said that, Epoch strives to meet the needs of all customers, so you are encouraged to reach out to us with any assistance that you need:    Billing Support 




  • You agree to reimburse us for all reversed/uncollectible membership sales, renewals and purchases upon demand. You also agree to reimburse us for chargeback/void/return fees currently at $75-$475 per occurrence.



Question:  What happens if i purchase a membership but cannot access the website or any videos on the site? Are you saying "too bad"?

Answer:  No.  It is our responsibility to make sure that the website and all content on the website is up and running as normal each and every day.  If the site server is not reachable for any customers, you are entitled to additional server access to cover the downtime once the site is back up.  It is not done automatically so you should simply send us an email asking for the downtime to be added to your current membership free of charge.  Our email address is svideo2000@earthlink.net

  • Having said that, Epoch strives to meet the needs of all customers, so you are encouraged to reach out to us with any assistance that you need:    Billing Support



Question:  What happens if i purchase a membership but cannot get the videos to play properly? What if they take forever to download or what if the picture quality is lower than I expected?  Or what if i simply hate your videos.  Do I get a refund then?


Answer:  No.  Before you got to the membership signup page, you passed two or more "preview" pages with more than 250 sample videos to view, download and test to get an excellent idea of what the membership videos are like.  You cannot get to the signup page without first traversing at least one preview page with dozens and dozens of sample videos for all to freely watch and/or download.    

  • Having said that, Epoch strives to meet the needs of all customers, so you are encouraged to reach out to us with any assistance that you need:    Billing Support


You must view some of these sample videos BEFORE signing up. 

The sample videos are located here:  https://www.latinoguys.com/indexmike.html

Consider using a speed test to see how fast your connection is.  go here:  https://www.charter.com/internet/speed-test. If your download speed is under 30mbps, then u have a relatively slow broadband connection.  Your download speed should be somewhere between 30mbs and 500mbps in order for the videos to play instantly.  If your download speed is say 3mbps then that sucks and the vids may or may not load instantly.  If the sample videos are acceptable to you, then you are in good shape as they are all taken directly from members area videos. HOWEVER, be advised that the video formats and image quality for the videos in the members area are only "suggestions".  Popular formats that work for most people.  You are not limited to only the versions that are displayed in the members area at any given time.  So, instead of trying to display 25 different formats for each and every video, we list 2 or 3 or 4 for each title. WE ENCOURAGE YOU to contact us and ask for whatever format best suits your needs.  If you can only access the site on an ipad, for example, the wmv or .mov formats may not work for you.  So, simply shoot us an email telling us what format and/or resolution you want for such and such a title.  There is a very convenient form to put those requests thru located at the top of the Screening Room when you enter the members section:


Newest Updates

Wat vid(s) wood u like 2 see next?TELL US!


If any vids take 2 long 2 load, simply ask us 4

smaller (or larger) version of any vid u want!


Using either of the links above, you are encouraged to list any titles that you want to see in an alternate format.  We can convert the videos to any format or resolution that you desire.  We all consume media in different ways. If you are watching the videos on an iphone, full HD mp4 may not be a useful format for you and will prevent you from enjoying the material.  So, simply use one of the forms above to tell us what device type you use to access the videos and then we can come up with a suitable version that fits your needs.  Once you submit your requests, we will get working on them and email you the selections you requested.  You may request up to 3 titles at a time for as many titles as you wish providing that your membership is still in force.  IF YOU ARE ABLE TO VIEW THE DOZENS OF SAMPLE VIDEOS IN THE PREVIEW AREA PRIOR TO SIGNING UP, THEN YOU WILL HAVE NO TROUBLE VIEWING THE MEMBERS AREA VIDEOS AS THEY INCLUDE IDENTICAL FORMATS. But again, you are by no means limited to the few formats posted of each video in the members area.  Just tell us what format you prefer and start putting thru the titles you want us to convert first and we'll get them all to you asap.  This service we offer to all members is a key element that makes your membership to our site special and extremely valuable.     SO, USE IT!



Question:  Are trial memberships limited in any way such as number of videos we can watch and/or download?

Answer:  Nope.  Once you are a member, you may watch and/or download whatever you want and as much as you want while your membership is in effect.  BUT AGAIN, keep in mind that your membership entitles you to only those videos which have not yet expired at the time of your membership signup.  Download software which facilitate bandwidth stealing or abuse may be denied access at the discretion of the site administrators. Use of anonymizers or other proxy services is prohibited and the use of "site copier" software is also prohibited.  We offer you a crapload of videos for a very small subscription price so knock off the scammy, treacherous, fraud-centric behavior, please.


Question:  What happens if i purchase a recurring membership but forget to cancel in time and am billed a 2nd month's service?  Can I get a refund of the 2nd month?

Answer:  Hells no!  If you have trouble canceling a recurring membership with any of our partners, simply drop us a line requesting that your membership end without renewing.  If you send us that email at least 24 hours in advance of the membership renewal then that email will serve as proof that your account was not to be renewed and we will refund the renewal if we failed to honor your cancelation request in time.  But if you send the request after the renewal has already occurred then too bad.  It sucks to be you.

  • Having said that, Epoch strives to meet the needs of all customers, so you are encouraged to reach out to us with any assistance that you need.




Our email address is svideo2000@earthlink.net

If you don't know how to cancel your recurring membership then just shoot us a line telling us not to bill you past the current term and we will cancel you thru epoch or ccbill or whomever and we will promptly email you a receipt. But you must request cancelation before the renewal actually bills.  If you charge back or secure a refund from your card provider, we cannot prevent you from doing that but we will consider that a major breach of the terms you were required to accept before doing business with us.  And we may send you a big fat bill for any legal work that we have to do to remedy your shenanigans.  We won't do it because we are mean, we will only do it because our processors will dump us if we do not demonstrate that we aggressively fight credit card fraud.  If we don't, then "bye bye" big cock videos!




A little bit more about our memberships




The in house titles in our members area that we produce are all for sale.  The solo videos cost $20 each and the action or compilation videos cost $30 each.  When you purchase a membership, we waive the entire cost of each video and provide them to you free of charge under our membership agreement.  Absent of this membership agreement, you must purchase any and all videos that you watch and/or download.  If you sign up for a membership and then charge back what you paid or secure a refund from your credit card provider for whatever reason, you are then required to purchase any and all videos that you watched and/or downloaded.  And you must purchase them at $20 each for solos or $30 each for action or compilations.  We have begun enforcing this rule and it has not been pretty.  If you purchase a membership but then conclude that the videos suck, and you tell your bank that we stole your money (unauthorized or fraudulent charge) or that the videos were not as represented when you signed up, you are at that point still required to purchase separately each and every video that you watch and you are required to purchase separately each and every video that you download.  If you do not, then we will accuse you of a crime and we will try to prove it.  Any videos that you watch, and any videos that you download from our members site, cost $20 or $30 each and they must be paid for.  We grant an exception when you sign up for one of our membership options.  As long as you abide by the terms of the membership, we do not charge you for watching or even downloading any of the videos.  Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, Paypal, US Banks AND OUR TERMS OF SERVICE all require that you, prior to initiating a chargeback or refund or void or any challenge to what you were charged, contact the merchant and spell out in writing the nature of your complaint and your demand for refund etc.  You must then allow the merchant a reasonable amount of time to address your complaint.  (2 business days is usually considered reasonable.)  If you initiate a refund or chargeback without first contacting the merchant demanding the remedy, then you will be in violation of our terms of service and the terms of service of Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex, US Banks, Paypal, etc.  If you purchase a membership but subsequently reverse the charge, and you download a bunch of videos and refuse to pay for each one, we will accuse you of a crime.  If we are unable to determine the exact number of videos that were watched and/or downloaded prior to chargeback or refund, then we will use $500 as a reasonable settlement amount and you agree to pay us that amount within 30 days when requested.  However, "REPEAT VIOLATORS" may be charged up to $3500 as a reasonable settlement amount. We will consider you a repeat violator if we can demonstrate that you have on several other occasions initiated chargebacks or refunds on other businesses similar to ours thus obtaining merchandise without paying in violation of the terms of service you accepted when you agreed to do business with us.  We will need access to all your credit card statements from the prior 5 years in order to prove our case.  Any companies that do business with us, or with credit card processors that we use or have used in the past will be considered relevant in proving our case.  You agree to hand over those credit card statements within 30 days when requested by us, someone representing us or someone representing The Court or law enforcement. In the event that we end up having to sue you to collect what you owe, you agree to reimburse us for all reasonable time and effort including attorney fees, travel fees, filing fees and time spent preparing and prosecuting our case.  If we are unable to determine the exact amount of money your actions cost us, then we will use $2500 as a reasonable settlement amount and you agree to pay us that amount within 30 days when requested. 





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